Using the lessons from this guide, you will be able to cook with your kids in a fun and safe way!

What this guide will teach you

How to help your kids go from a culinary novice to to an experienced cook!  You will get strategies from a Chef Teacher with over 6 years of experience and 5,000+ hours in the cooking classroom.  Plus if you go through all of our 10 kid-favorite recipes (and a bonus one!) your child will have a well-rounded knowledge of how to cook from scratch

What you will learn

  • 5 tips to get kids to help YOU in the kitchen

  • The BEST and safest knives to improve a child’s chopping skills

  • How to make cleanup FUN with your child

  • 5 things to NEVER do with your child while cooking

  • My Top 10 Kid-Approved Recipes featuring veggies, healthy entrees, pasta, appetizers and desserts (and a BONUS recipe)

More than 2,000 kids have already taken our cooking classes.  After taking our class they have expanded their palates, helped their parents cook in the kitchen and developed a skill they will use for the rest of their lives.   Some knew nothing before starting and soon became proficient cooks.

About the author

Chef Eric Horwitz

Founder, LIFT Enrichment

“I’ve spent my life working with kids.

n high school I worked at summer camps and babysat.

In college I volunteered with non-profits to help kids afford camp.

One transformative experience was in college when I spent a year studying abroad in Padova, Italy.

 lived with an Italian family whose momma, Simonetta, loved to cook delicious meals from scratch.

She taught me how to make authentic Italian food, and I brought that passion home where I shared my new found cooking skills with family and friends.

Later, I worked for two years in the enrichment industry and specialized in Lego Robotics.

I knew I could create a better company that reflected my core passions, so in 2010 I opened “Cooking Italiano for Kids” that served cooking classes and a side of Lego Robotics

I didn’t learn to cook until I was 21 and our cooking lessons are the ones I wish I could have taken as a child.

This ebook reflects 5,000+ hours spent in the classroom teaching kids to cook for over 6 years.

No one has that much experience when it comes to kids and cooking.

To me, teaching kids cooking is about having them CONNECT with their food and how raw ingredients take time and effort to transform into delicious dishes.

 hope you enjoys these cooking tips and recipes. You can learn more about our classes and programs at

Feel free to share your experience or questions with me at Eric@liftenrichment or call (310) 890-8704. Have fun cooking!”

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Some words on Chef Eric and LIFT Enrichment

  • Chef Eric made sure to use everyone in the class to help prepare our Kale Bruschetta and Kale salad.  Every thing turned out delicious and the students absolutely loved it!  

    Kourntey H, Health Coordinator, Village School - Cooking Demo

  • "Having Chef Eric and his team were a one stop-shop.  Dinner, an entertaining activity, prepping and even cleaning all occurred under his experienced hands. My husband and I didn't have to lift a finger. Highly recommend and would do it again in a heartbeat."   

    Wendy, parent - Cooking Private Lesson

  • "(My daughter) woke up every morning excited for cooking camp and went to sleep every night looking forward to the next day.  Chef Eric and his team of amazing chefs were very attentive to the kids and filled each day with fun." 

    Meredith, parent - Cooking Summer Camp

  • “Jacob absolutely adored Cooking!  Every Wednesday he brings me some of what he's made to try and he's SO PROUD. Plus it has totally opened up a whole new world of food for him."

    Susanna, parent - Cooking After School Class

  • “My son loved Cooking!  He was always excited to go afterschool, and he seems so proud of what he cooked, saving a portion for us when we picked him up. I feel that the experience of a cooking class helped him become confident in the kitchen, and made him excited to help prepare meals as a family!” 

    China, parent - Cooking After School Class


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